Sunday, May 13, 2012

Icons. Again.

tl;dr - Look at the bottom of the post. :|

It's one hell of a long series of posts, isn't it? Don't worry, this is the last one - for now. I said I would make packs for every OS/distro supported. I did. And given it wouldn't be reasonable to post the list of links, I'll just let you have your way with the public folder, which contains reasonably named archives, as well as the xcf. If you can't figure it out: download the archive bearing the name of your distro/OS or anything even remotely resembling it, as well as web, scumm, dos and emu (.tar.bz2 for linux, .zip for the others) if you're into that kind of things. If you feel like making your own, download the xcf, too. That's it.

I'll also throw a humble request in here. I'm not paid for this, I'm not even open for donations, but you can help me. See, it takes a HUGE portion of my storage space. Which is about completely used after this upload (it adds up to (roughly) 1.5Gb out of 2Gb - which is about all I have once my (meagre) backups are out of the way). So if you download those icons and like them, help me regain a bit of space by opening a (free) Dropbox account using this link: (I promise you it's not malicious. If you don't believe me, there are un-shorteners out there). You'll get a bit of space, and I'll get a bit of breathing room, which in turn would allow me to upload updates (as well as my personal backups if there are enough "donations") and stuff - a generic linux version for example, could be useful for those not using one of the supported distros. Thanks in advance.

Preview time? Preview time.

And there you have it. Arch, Debian, Fedora, Frugalware, Gentoo, Mac, Mandriva, Mint, Slackware, SuSE, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows 8. Thanks ImageMagick.

List of games: clicky.

Dropbox folder: clicky

All prior download links will be rendered unusable and will link back to this post in a moment. Have a nice day. :)

Oh, and by the way - I'm still open to requests, so don't be shy. Just hope I'll have enough space. :)

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