Sunday, May 13, 2012

MOAR. Again. Icons update 2.

102 icons. Two replacements. Total number of icons/games after merging the three packs (newcomers see the other posts - or scroll down to the very bottom of this post - to find the original pack and the first update): 500/500. That's what I'd call a win. (note: you could count them as being 497 - if you don't take the Desura, Dosbox and ScummVM icons as legit. But that would be mean. :D)

Didn't have to cope with dubious material this time. Had to cope with LACK of material. There are quite a few games out there that went full digital, have no nice artwork, and so on. So... yeah, once again, there are a few icons in this pack that aren't up to par with the rest. Still, a so-so icon is better than no icon at all, and I never said I was a wizard.

Also, there's a bunch of retro games in there. Casual gamers and newbies beware.

Guess I'll take a small, much deserved break from icon-making now, and maybe rehash the pack for various distros/OS and stuff if I feel like it. The interwebs are full of slackers after all. ;)

Oh, and the icons STILL look best in 256x256 or 128x128. But it's your life after all.



List of games: clicky.

Download: clicky.

Original pack (300 icons + list): clicky.

Update 1 (100 icons + list): clicky.

All-in-one badass public dropbox folder with all archives for mega-one-click-slacking: clicky.

PS: It's NOT the end of this stupid project. There are still loads of orphan games out there waiting for an icon to be made, and tons of dosbox, scummvm and console games too... It's just a "have I seriously been grinding 700+ icons (two batches with different layouts were scratched) in less than a month?" kind of break. ;)

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