Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rigor Animis.

So I went and modified the icon pack. Again. Imagemagick just destroyed the everythings, and I added the icons I created in the meantime.

First, the good news: That's 650+ icons for all your gaming needs now: linux, dosbox, scummvm, console games, even a few browser games.

Now the bad news: Dropbox is still very limited and my calls for storage space "donations" have remained widely unanswered. So I had the choice: either I gave up or I cut on space requirements.

Hint: I'm not one to give up.

Now for ranting. Either my readers are as incredible dicks as I am, or they're all windows users and don't give a fuck. Or they're just pro-league couch potatoes. I couldn't care less. The fact is: only one person made a donation, and that's just 500Mb of storage space.

I don't care if it's a matter of having the wrong distros supported, or even "not enough" distros. That's the way it will be unless a few people deem it worthy to click on the referrer link to open a Dropbox account and expand my own. Because I still have my personal stuff to back up. And it's waited long enough. ;)

So until something happens, I have to cut back on Linux, Mac and Windows support. How? Easy enough. I'll still be using Faenza so it still fits in the set. I'm still doing Arch-specific icons for my personal use, and everyone gets a generic Linux set with the Faenza POL icon. You a Windows or Mac user? Want a distro-specific set?

Fine. If you want more, then help me help you. Easy as that. All it would take for everyone to be happy is a dozen "donators". I'm not even kidding. I've had ONE so far (and you have my thanks, MrIlyas. Drop a comment or contact me if you want a specific set, I'll send it one way or another). Call your friends and/or "donate", and you'll get whatever you want, just leave me a comment with your distro/OS or pass it along. If space is expanded, I'll upload it all ASAP. I may even go out of my way to add distros that weren't supported until now. Even if they're distros with just 3 users. All I need and want is space. I'm even going to make it easy for you. You just have to click here: and that's it.

Now for more detailed statistics.
  • 5 browser games (that's one less, Bastion has native binaries, huzzahs and stuff);
  • 169 DOSBox games for GOG lovers and more;
  • 35 console games for BSNES lovers and more;
  • 65 ScummVM games for GOG lovers and more;
  • 377 Linux games for all the penguins out there. With a few updated. Just because;
  • The xcf is still there, and unmodified. So ImageMagick nerds will have no problems modifying the set. May kill the purpose, but shows I'm not a complete dick. ;)

It's a much less impressive update. It's a drawback. But hey. I can't spend my entire life creating icons, and I can't afford a 120Tb online storage. :p

The download is still over here: clicky.

The list of games is around here: clicky.

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