Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yeaaaaah, another stupid ruling.

So it's on the headlines: another technologically impaired judge has made yet another senseless ruling, and it's all over the tubes.

What's it about this time? Easy: according to that fine prehistoric remnant, we're supposed to have the right to sell "used copies" of digital games.

Well yippeekayay.

A few year's ago I'd probably have grabbed a beer and danced naked in the moonlight while chanting unspeakable rituals to awaken that which eternal lies.

Except, that was a few years ago. Pretty much before I was born, in internet time.

It may seem pretty cool at first sight. I mean, who's never wanted to gift or sell a Steam game?

Yeah. Except nothing's ever black or white, and we have another case of manichean moronitude on our hands.

Because that there is as stupid as it gets.

GOG. Desura.

Both services have thrived upon a simple fact: their games are DRM free. Basically, that ruling is killing the two of them.

Not that I'd mind giving away my Windows games on GOG - I don't have any use for them and they're mere souvenirs of a time when I was using Windows. But it's only valid under this specific set of circumstances: I'm not gonna use them anymore. Ever.

If I were still using that other OS, then this would be very interesting if ill will was one of my main charact... oh wait.

With Desura, it's even worse, as it applies to all OSes. Doesn't change much all in all, the point remains.

Basically, with this dumbfounded shit in place, I'd be able to
* buy a game
* copy it, burn it, whatever so I can keep it
* sell it and put the money in my pocket. With no guarantee it'll go back to the creators of the game, much less the service I've used.

Selling used games is about giving the ownership of the game to someone else. Yet another idiot who doesn't understand the difference between physical and digital. Shows about as much competence as comparing so-called piracy with theft.

I sure hope EA or any other company I'd usually loathe will stand up and bash a bit of sense into the thick skull of whoever will have to rule on that one again.

Shit may work, that's not the problem. It MAY work. WITH DRM. And ONLY with DRM.

Fingers crossed. I'd hate to see GOG and Desura get mawashigeried in the face for such incompetence.

Until then, yippeekayay. Yippeefuckingkayay. Justice badly needs eye surgery.

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