Friday, July 6, 2012

Yo bitch!

The video women against trope games kickstarter is over, and shit keeps flowing on the tubes.

And I don't think it healthy to care. Either way.

First things first. I never heard of Anita Sarkeesian before. And truth be told, now that I've taken the temperature of the water, I think I would have been better off if I hadn't.

I've read the constructive criticism, seen the usual 4chan style trolling, read about the threats, saw the quite good Flash game (offended? Yeah, well take a seat and stfu until I explain it a bit later), yaddayadda.

I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry, actually.

Because I'm a down-to-earth kind of guy, an idiot, a rationalist, a dreamer and, dare I say, a passive feminist.

And I find both sides as ridiculous as they come.

See, I find more actual feminism in Dys4ia than in this bullshit kickstarter project. On the other hand I play games to have fun, and quite frankly, Terra or Aya Brea have left much more of an impression on me than Samus, Peach or I-dont-even-know-her-name pseudo-she-hero of Bayonetta.

It's moronic, offensive, childish and insensitive from the usual cunts (yup, I'm gonna throw a few bad jokes in here, as usual, and I'll be as crude and offensive as ever - told you: I'm stupid) to throw memes based on Sarkeesian, it's moronic and plain wrong to make a bash her up game about her (though the execution is actually quite good for a bashing game, just look at the other ones to see what I mean... Say the one with Backstreet Boys or Bush, who happen to be men. Oh the irony. If I were cynical I'd almost say that's a form of respect).

It's equally moronic, offensive, childish and insensitive from Sarkeesian to even come up with these videos. Basically, you're declaring war on the whole industry (and for fuck's sake do I hate using this word) for... for what exactly?

She cannot possibly think it will change a thing. It won't. That's the way things go. See the target audience, like it or not, is teenagers who don't give a fuck and want to see boobs, mainly.

She cannot possibly make anyone believe that her views aren't biased, sexist and plain wrong (and yes, I actually called a "feminist" sexist, which will probably result in me being seen as a sexist cunt - brb, making a bash him up game about myself). Nor can she possibly believe herself that her views aren't biased, sexist and play wrong. Or she's very, very delusional.

She cannot possibly think she'll be doing anything more than stating the obvious. Or that people will learn something while watching that.

What's left? Feeding the trolls. Trolls are hits. Hits are ad viewers. Ads are money.

See, I don't think it necessary to make these videos. It's just as much of a "preach to the choir and look like the lunatic you are" as those feminists who'd like to abolish the legal status "Miss" because... Well, let's keep it short, I'd much rather you read Odieux Connard's views on the matter. It sums up the whole stuff pretty well.

Women taking a stand for women usually ends up drowned in sexism. Any way you look at it, there's no other word. I will not deny that there IS a systemic problem, and that women are treated as inferior all too often. I'm saying barking won't get you anywhere. Opening your claptrap for trivial matters just makes you look like morons, ladies (betcha there's some fringe feminists who'll take that "ladies" as an offense. Have I ever told you that I'm the cynical type?)

I'll take a stand for women anytime I see something wrong. But certainly not for hysterical self-delusional cunts (and I use that word liberally, mind you. A cunt is a cunt, regardless of age, sex, religion and skin color. And yes, I'm one. But at least I take pride in that). If I see a woman talked down, I will. Being barred from getting a job based on her gender, I will. Beaten, I will. Shown with huge b00bs and used as a plot device? Gimme a break. 

While you may revel in your pretty illusions of grandeur that almost half of the total gaming population are women, the fact remains: you have your stats wrong. Or, more accurately, you're biasing them, as any propaganda pro does. Of those 50%, I'd be pleasantly surprised if 50% were interested in more than casual games. And unless you want to start a debate about the gender of diamonds and playing cards, those don't count here. Bringing us down to 25%.

Of those 25%, I'd be pleasantly surprised in 50% were playing on the consoles sporting most of the offending material - i.e. playing so-called "serious" games. Bringing us down to 12.5%. And again, on the male side, many are teenagers or young, all too often poorly educated adults. And all of them want b00bs.

So yeah... Not exactly as relevant as you'd like that to be.

I'll see what those videos have to say, but I have this weird feeling it's gonna be about as interesting and enlightening as your average reality show. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised, but even then, it doesn't change a thing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT saying women shouldn't have a bigger, grander place in games and the gaming world and industry as a whole - from development to journalism, and the respect that should come with them.

I'm just saying that while you're screaming about how your tap water tastes bad, the ocean waters don't give a fuck.

PS - And no, I won't take sides on this petty internet quarrel. Much as some would like to depict it as harrasment on a woman, it's your average troll, and many men have suffered it before. Why should I take more pity on a woman? That's condescendence. Not feminism. Not support. Take it like a (wo)man. i.e. a proud, strong human being.

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