Sunday, April 22, 2012

Icons? Icons.

It was quite a while ago that I started some kind of icon pack. For fun, and to better harness The GIMP. It's a fun ride, even though the application can be a bitch at times. I've made several icon types, and finally settled for one which, I feel, gives me the most options, the most fun and, as a side effect, the most work. I HATE YOU, GIMP. I SO HATE YOU.

Ahem. Anyway. Feel free to plunder some of them. The pack will keep growing with time, I'm not even halfway through my games, and I'll post an update every now and then, when I feel the changes are worthwhile. All icons are 512x512, png format so quite cross-platform. Windowsers: no whining. There are freeware tools out there to give you some nice ico files. I think the GIMP may help you too.

In case you're a complete noob to The GIMP and any other image editing program, here are some quick instructions to get the icons provided sticking to your OS: open the xcf file (that's The GIMP's psd format for you pirates out there). Switch the F layers at will to get your OS's icon. Switch the T layers at will to get your OS's text. Export as a png. Open that png. Copy the left chunk (into the black thing on the left, you want that text but you don't want to cut into the covers). Open the icon you wish to modify. Delete the left chunk (at the same size as your copied one). Paste. There ya go. Wasn't that hard, right?

Credits: holy f... - let's just call those "pending", okay? I've spent countless hours scouring Google Images to find those, and it will be a PITA to identify the authors. If you recognize some of your work, just ping me, I'll gladly start a text editor and add your name to the list. You may even be the first on it. I will find the authors. Or as many of them as I can. But it will take a loooong while. Bear with me. ;p

And just in case you're wondering: I do NOT know whether I'll make icons for games I don't own. This takes a lot of time. And I will not make icons for Windows/Mac only games, no matter what.

Before I forget: the possible "categories" are GNU/Linux, MacOS, Windows, Wine, Web Browser, DOSBox, Emulation, ScummVM, and Commodore 64 (because yeah, I'm one of those old geezers). Distros supported are Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Arch, Fedora, Frugalware, Gentoo, Mint, Mandriva, Slackware, and SuSE.

All corresponding icons come from the Faenza icon pack. Because quite frankly, I have yet to see anything better looking. The font is abeat by kai, which can be found on

And that's that. Enjoy if you're into that kind of things.


Download: over here.

Oh. And I'll throw a list of games when I have time. For now, time to crash. It's been a loooong weekend. >_>

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