Tuesday, May 1, 2012

End of beta. The massive icon archive.

And so it was that the milestone of 300 games was reached, that all alt icons were purged (there are still a few alt arts which will probably disappear a bit later) and that every game had an icon and every icon was for a different game.

Amen. (clicky for list of games, this is getting slightly too ridiculous to be posted again).

Here's a quick & dirty preview. The previous posts still show some of the icons in a more... reasonable size.

All icons are still easy to customize for your own distro/OS. The xcf is still included. It's still as fun to do, and a little bit easier now. The icons still look best in 128x128 or 256x256 if you ask me.

Feel free to share this thing as much as you want. Just don't take credit for it. Even I don't - the arts aren't mine after all, all I did was make icons out of them the best I could (which is still quite bad when the source material wasn't up to par).

Here's the download: clicky..

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